Services and collaboration

The CTU offers collaboration and consultancy in all stages of clinical trials, from systematic reviews and protocol development to statistical analyses and reporting. The CTU collaborates with both academic partners and with the industry.

If you are interested, please contact us early in the developmental stages of your trial or systematic review. The CTU will engage in two or three meetings free of charge to discuss the design of the project and the possibilities for further collaboration and delivery of services. After this initial phase, investigators and the CTU should choose a model for further collaboration.

Collaborative model

The CTU conducts one or more of the services listed below at a not-for-profit price. The price that you will pay will depend on our services, the number of participants, design and complexity of the project. Furthermore, the CTU contributes actively in the development of the protocol, publications, and the scientific process.

Consultancy model

The CTU delivers one or more of the services from the list below to the trial at a competitive market price. The CTU must approve the final protocol, but the CTU has no further involvement in the project.


The CTU services include:
  • systematic reviewing according to the guidelines of The Cochrane Collaboration and the PRISMA Statement;
  • search strategies for systematic reviews;
  • meta-analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis (TSA);
  • collaboration in the planning of randomised clinical trials;
  • development of trial protocols according to the SPIRIT Statement;
  • interactions with competent authorities and ethics committees;
  • randomisation solutions (web-based, staff-based telephone randomisation, etc);
  • data management solutions;
  • development of case record forms (CRFs);
  • coordination and project management of trials;
  • development of statistical analysis plan and conduct of statistical analyses;
  • safety reporting;
  • trial reporting according to the CONSORT Statement.